Deep thoughts on something I read.

Feb 08, 2021 by Justin S Leslie
As an author at times we get positive, and negative feedback. It’s the way of the world. I even left a bad review once, 2.5 stars on a book series to go back and change some two years later after I had ripped through a few more books in the series. Now I understand series are often framed a certain way for a reason. But that is neither here nor there.

One comment stood out to me. Having my background made it specifically interesting, and one to think about. Very few people that I run into writing have my specific background, yet often write about it. I started to wonder how much readers genuinely know about the jobs and professions a series of characters are based on. Or, for that matter what, it's actually like to have that job. I take it for granted, I do believe sometimes.

I will state that I come from a Federal/Military background (look at my pic, 20 years retired) and do know how folks in their early 30’s blow off steam after long hours, and stressful back to back days. One often ends up with a stiff drink or at the bar with their brother/sisters that you work beside in often stressful environments. 

The funny part is, if I were to write a nonfiction book about some of the characters I worked with over the years, not to mention crazy predicaments we often found ourselves in, most people wouldn’t believe me.