Max Abaddon and The Gate to Everwhere: A Max Abaddon Urban Fantasy Novel

A Max Abaddon Urban Fantasy Novel
Max Abaddon 3
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A lot has changed for Max over the past year. He left his job at the Atheneum, opening his own consulting firm. The Balance has occurred. With the Accords in place, the regular world as well as the magical community are getting acclimated to each other. What Max didn’t plan on, was his position on the Council keeping him in the middle of current events.

With Tom back and Ned now missing things are starting to get complicated again. A modified magical drug has hit the streets that can give regular humans a short-term boost of magic, even worse is it causing the deaths of several people. Max, Phil, Petro, and the rest of the team are again called to help solve the mystery, and for that matter prevent a possible new enemy from emerging. Or, is it someone they already know…

Will the crew find out who this new enemy is? Again most importantly, will Max and Kim find time for a drink or two at their favorite bar, the Fallen Angel?

★★★★★ “1 part Dresdin, 1 part Verus, and 3 parts Max. Phil is going to call this drink the Urban Freaker.” P.Wilson

★★★★★ “This series just keeps getting better!" S. Peters

★★★★★ “Makes other books of this type seem simplistic, WOW." David

★★★★★ "I didn’t know I liked urban Fantasy.” C. Gaither

Fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, Benedict Jacka, Kevin Hearne, Richard Kadrey, Shayne Silvers, Patricia Briggs, and BR Kingsolver will not want to miss this latest addition to the urban fantasy scene!